Through Crazy Legs he one day had an ability to go to Afrika Bambaataa's house where, instead of furniture, he saw just DJ equipment and milk crates of a vinyl wall to wall in each room. Today he balances life by being a family man, running his own mobile DJ company, New York's Best DJ's, and, of course, his new title of Vyzion Radio Program Overseer. Recently, I got an opportunity to discussion with DJ Frankie C about Vyzion Radio's future and his perspective on his new position.

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The ability to focus on your plan and work it constantly. There's no doubt it can take some hard work and you need to be in order to commit. Decline the dial on the all-day/all-night online radio station, 102.overwhelm, and concentrate on what you need to accomplish daily and the reasons why.

DJ Frankie C: I became a DJ for the station whilst working with Vyzion I gave many of positive suggestions and they approached me and stated that they needed a Program Director that just take the station to another level. I'm assuming I was at the right place at they moment and I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

Since the signal is originating right via your internet connection, you do not have to like static or even antenna. Thunderstorms won't assist make your radio station go in and out. The giant office building next door won't regarded as a source of interference. With radio, type in get the tunes you love - should it be 80's music, jazz, or southern really are fun.

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